Our Funders

The SNAP team give special thanks to our funders for making the SNAP programme of work possible:

National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) School for Primary Care Research

  • SNAP1 Study – funding to enable development of the evidence-based SNAP Tool
  • Seedcorn funding for SNAP2

Marie Curie Research Grants Scheme

  • SNAP2 Study – funding to enable refinement and validation of the SNAP Tool, piloting of the SNAP intervention in a range of clinical practice settings and development of SNAP training for health care professionals

ESRC Impact Acceleration Account (ESRC IAA) Awards

  • ESRC IAA awards from University of East Anglia (UEA) and University of Cambridge to enable SNAP website development and online training production

Public and Patient Involvement

We are extremely grateful to those patients and informal carers (family and friends supporting patients) who support the SNAP programme. The SNAP programme benefits enormously from this dedicated team of PPI (Patient and Public Involvement) advisors who share their thoughts on the SNAP research programme, SNAP Tool design and SNAP training for health care professionals either individually or at meetings. We are also grateful to our funders for supporting this important PPI activity.

SNAP research programme participants and supporters

We are extremely grateful to those patients and informal carers (family and friends supporting patients), health care professionals, clinical settings, and research infrastructures (such as the Clinical Research Networks) for their participation in, and support of, the ongoing SNAP research programme.

We also thank Dr Ros Taylor (Clinical Associate Hospice UK and Consultant in Palliative Medicine Royal Marsden Hospital, London and the Hospice of St Francis) for her ongoing support of SNAP.

CSNAT-I team

We are indebted to the CSNAT-I team – Dr Gail Ewing, Dr Janet Diffin and Professor Gunn Grande – for generously sharing their learning from the CSNAT programme with us. This informed the design of the SNAP Tool, the SNAP 5-stage intervention, SNAP training and resources. We also thank them for their ongoing support in providing the SNAP team with opportunities to disseminate SNAP at CSNAT-I events.

SNAP graphics

The SNAP team thank Rory Tilford for production of the SNAP logo and SNAP 5-stage wheel.